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Traffic signals are also installed at rail road crossings and on connecting roads to hospitals, schools or other significant junctions.

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The first traffic light in India was installed in , at Egmore Junction near Chennai — the capital of southern Indian state Tamil Nadu. Next the city of Bangalore, now capital city of southern Karnataka state, installed its first traffic signal at corporation circle in Traffic signals or traffic lights are signaling devices installed at various intersections. They use a definite color representation system with a vertical display of colored lights. Indian traffic signals have three primary colors — red, orange amber and green.

Red instructs to stop; orange to get ready and green gives permission to wade through. Traffic lights are also installed for pedestrians, often having the same color codes Red-Stop, Amber-Wait, and Green-Go. While following the traffic signals, there are a few more things that one should keep in mind. A flashing red signal is a strict indication to stop, while a flashing orange amber light directs to proceed with caution. There are various manual signals using the gestures of hand for the regulation of traffic. These signals are used by the traffic policemen as well as vehicle riders.

They include stop signal, slow down signal, right turn signal, left turn signal etc. The reluctance to follow the traffic rules in India varies from place to place, similarly as its cultures and languages. People in some parts of India diligently obey the traffic rules while in some other parts they tend to be habitual offenders. Surprisingly, those who disobey the rules are well aware of them, and also the consequences that could arise by not following them.

Still, they display their reluctance and regularly flout the rules, putting their own life as well as life of others in danger.

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Our reluctance to follow the road traffic rules could be assessed from a recent statics, which states that road accidents in India claim lives every day. Prime causes behind the fatalities are — over speeding, jumping signals, overloaded commercial vehicles, overcrowded passenger vehicles, not wearing safety gears etc. Most vulnerable are the two wheeler riders and pedestrians, who are difficult to spot on crowded and busy roads.

There is no organized road safety education in the Indian system. Children come to know about the general traffic rules by their parents or by self observation. There are hundreds of traffic signs that the children have never been told about. People tend to follow the irresponsible drivers. If a single driver jumps a red signal, he will be followed by many others. As if, they were not waiting for the lights to turn green, but for someone to jump it.

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Another reason behind low awareness is liberal monitoring. People disobeying traffic rules are seldom confronted, thus making them more reluctant. When not stopped for a number of times, they become habitual offenders, compromising their own safety as well as safety of others. There are many initiatives that could be taken to increase public awareness. An organized structure for providing education regarding road safety and rules, in the schools must be provided. Road safety and rules could be started as a subject in schools and professional courses.

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Use of print and electronic media could also be vital tool in raising awareness. Any message sent by celebrities, through print or electronic media will have greater influence on the attitude of people. A mandatory training session for are new driving license holders, on road safety and rules too will help in raising awareness.

Regular campaigns should be organized by the governments in coordination with relevant departments, wherein people must be taught about traffic rules and regulation, also encouraged to use proper safety gears.

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A strict monitoring and a policy of zero tolerance towards offences like drunken driving, over speeding etc, will send a strong message to the public and deter them from flouting the rules. Road traffic rules are mandatory for all the occupants of the roads, including car drivers, bike riders, bus drivers, truck drivers, pedestrians and passengers.

They are designed to regulate the flow of traffic and make daily commuting safer for every user.

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Traffic rules that we follow daily while commuting from one place to another, help us reach our destination safely. Some of the most common traffic rules that one should follow while using the road and their significance are described below-. If you are driving with a valid driving license, you have probably reached the permissible age limit to drive. Also, you must have undergone the necessary training provided about road safety rules and regulations by the licensing authority; making you a responsible driver behind the wheels.

This is another significant rule obeyed while daily commuting. You must keep left of the road while leaving or entering, to make way for the approaching vehicles, already at high speed on the road. You must also keep left to make way for an emergency or other vehicle coming from behind at high speed. This way you ensure that both reach their destinations safely. Approaching a road suddenly from wrong side might have fatal consequences.

A driver must wear all the safety equipments required for the vehicle. Wearing a seat belt or a helmet could be all the difference between life and death. If you find it impossible, in a challenging moment, to envision how you'd behave at your best, try imagining how someone you admire would respond. If you do what you love, the money may or may not follow, but you'll love what you do. It's magical thinking to assume you'll be rewarded with riches for following your heart.

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    Each of us has an infinite capacity for self-deception.

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    To avoid pain, we rationalize, minimize, deny, and go numb. The antidote is the willingness to look at yourself with unsparing honesty, and to hold yourself accountable to the person you want to be. Take into account that great love and great achievements involve great risk. Follow the three Rs: Respect for self, respect for others and responsibility for all your actions.

    Remember that not getting what you want is sometimes a wonderful stroke of luck.

    rules of the road essays Rules of the road essays
    rules of the road essays Rules of the road essays
    rules of the road essays Rules of the road essays
    rules of the road essays Rules of the road essays
    rules of the road essays Rules of the road essays

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