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The study ultimately determined that every dollar spent on a sobriety checkpoint can be expected to ultimately save the community over six dollars Miller. The checkpoints serve as an investment in the safety of the community, and if they are managed properly and consistently, they can be beneficial to a community from an economic aspect as well as a safety aspect. Although the actual DUI arrest rate at these checkpoints may sometimes be less than ideal, those committing other crimes are caught as well. Among those vehicles the following citations were issued: two DUI arrests, one felony arrest, three misdemeanor arrests, 20 citations for unlicensed driving, eight citations for driving with a suspended license, 28 vehicles were impounded, two vehicles were stored, and 14 other citations were issued Miller.

In addition, every single vehicle that passed safely through the checkpoint, became aware of the realty that these checkpoints are being maintained within their community, which in turn decreases their chances of choosing to drive while under the influence in the future. These checkpoints are designed for prevention of crimes just as much as they are for persecution. Furthermore, in , the Supreme Court ruled that the infringement of Fourth Amendment rights committed by sobriety checkpoints is overshadowed by the potential public benefit of removing impaired drivers from public roads, as they are a danger to other drivers.

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The court also instated a series of specific guidelines that all checkpoints throughout the nation must follow in order to be legal Miller. The bottom line is that drunk driving is a very real problem in our society right now, and the bad decisions of a few put the lives of all in undeniable danger. Even at blood alcohol concentration levels as low as.

The probability of crash begins to increase significantly at. Although San Luis Obispo has done a good job of arresting drunk drivers in the past, there is still much room for improvement.

Creating A Persuasive Essay About Drinking And Driving

The only practical and efficient way to decrease the number of drunk drivers on our roads is to establish sobriety checkpoints throughout the city on nights with historically high DUI arrest rates. Doing so will this ultimately save our city money by eliminating the costs of damage reparation caused by alcohol-related accidents, and it has been ruled completely legal and justified by the United States Supreme Court. The decision to install sobriety checkpoints will keep our residents from having to deal with the same grief and horror that struck the Pack family just a few years ago.

The choice is obvious: install checkpoints, reduce expenditures, save lives. Works Cited 1. Gruenewald, Paul. Miller, Ted. Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs. Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs, July Onboard Informatics, Is drinking and driving worth risking your life, the lives of innocent people, and risking your entire future? Do not drink and drive. Favorite Quote: "You can't win a dumb off.

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persuasive essay on drinking and driving Persuasive essay on drinking and driving
persuasive essay on drinking and driving Persuasive essay on drinking and driving
persuasive essay on drinking and driving Persuasive essay on drinking and driving
persuasive essay on drinking and driving Persuasive essay on drinking and driving
persuasive essay on drinking and driving Persuasive essay on drinking and driving

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