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You do not have to worry. These topics have been composed for you and you need to make a good selection among the following 22 best ideas.

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MBA Dissertation Page 21 MethodologyThis chapter provides an outline of the research methodology used to answer the researchquestions - the research approach, a description of primary data collection process for theinterviews, secondary research, data analysis techniques used and limitations of theadopted research method.

Two typesof approaches are available — deductive and inductive. Deductive approach tests theories,while an inductive approach forms theories Marcoulides This report uses inductiveresearch approach as it aims to formulate hypothesis and develop general theory aroundhow organisations could go about marketing digital products, especially viral marketing,using social media. There are two methods available for data analysis — Qualitative and Quantitative.

Social media is adynamic field which is continuously changing.

MBA Dissertation Topics In Marketing: 22 Best Ideas

This means that although quantitative analysiswould provide data, designing an appropriate survey to get qualified opinions andunderstand the deeper issues in this area was quite challenging Amaratunga et al. This report uses the qualitative method to explore the research questions as it allowsresearchers to conduct in-depth explorations of a particular phenomenon Crewell MBA Dissertation Page 22 This choice is further justified as the research questions focus on opinions, feelings andexperiences, thus providing subjective data.

This is important for this research as it looks at awide variety of experiences, understanding of the subject and interpretation of the datagathered. In order to achieve this, in-depth personal interviews with market participantswere conducted at prearranged locations. The discussion in the interviews was structuredaround the core research questions, but no set questionnaire was developed.

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Theinterviews themselves were semi-structured in that even though the questions were basedon research questions, they were kept open ended and the direction of the discussions wasbased on the interviewees experience and area of expertise. Necessary precautions were taken to ensure that there were no faults in recording theinterviews.

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  7. Interviews were recorded on an audio recording device and then carefullytranscribed to avoid any such issues. The questions in the interviews were sequenced in the following conceptual order:MBA Dissertation Page 23 All interviews were conducted in March Andrews company specialises in pushing the marketing message with a view to reach a point where the message could go viral. MBA Dissertation Page 24 Rachel and Jenny, together, are responsible for the overall marketing strategy for all geographical markets Skyscanner operates in.

    KIK was downloaded on 1 million devices within first 15 days of its launch. Hence, a lot of research was focused on works by opinion leaders andpractitioners in the field of social media marketing. MBA Dissertation Page 25 Once the interviews had been conducted and thetranscripts had been prepared, the usable material, by themes, was drawn out from thetranscripts through a process called Coding.

    The coded research material was copied andpasted into separate Microsoft Word files, one for each theme. These files provided an easylook through while writing the Empirical Materials chapter. It is the rough material collected from the field, if the form ofvideotapes, conversations etc. The raw material resulting from the data gathering process in qualitative research is usuallyin the form of words, and there are different strategies to deal with words. Creswell Crewell furtheridentified five approaches — case study, biography, phenomenology, grounded theory, andethnography. This report uses the interpretive approach to analyse the data as it is used to present aholistic view of data rather than a condensed view.

    The results of this analysis are discussedin the Analysis chapter. Even though care was taken while identifying the right interviewees,the number of interviews meant that the findings of the research are not tested to bestatistically significant. Further to this, mitigating any kind of bias that interviewees mighthave had, as argued by Robson Robson , is limited by my understating of the subjectarea and interpretation.

    Overview – Research Project on Brand Preference of Mobile Phones

    They havegranted permission for using their details in the report. The research is based on analysingprimary and secondary data using frameworks already developed by researchers. A softcopy of the completed report will be made available to the interviewees.

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    This research alsohas approval from University of Edinburgh and gives rise to no ethical issues. MBA Dissertation Page 27 Empirical MaterialIn literature review section, we presented the theory behind various aspects of viralmarketing and how businesses should go about creating a strategy, a plan, executing theplan and monitoring the campaigns. In this section, we will present the research data fromthe interviews conducted with industry specialists and practitioners. Gilchrist Gilchrist of SocialTailor. One of the first things that I look at is when they are developing their strategy, they need to analyse and assess the employees throughout the business.

    One of the other things for big corporations is that they need to know that there brand is protected, so what we need to put in place is crisis management - the bottom line is that you are listing all the potential things that could go wrong and are likely to go wrong. Viral marketing strategy should be integrated in overall marketing strategy and the contentstrategy, and that the organisations should clearly define goals, responsibilities and set out acommunication strategy Gilchrist In terms of the strategy, you need to look at content strategy, in fact there are lots of different elements you need to look at, but you needMBA Dissertation Page 28 What is that you want to achieve — is it just more sales or is brand awareness, who is going to deliver it, etc.?

    When do an app, we make sure there is an integrated view of all the contacts. The same people managing it is important as well. We have country specialists that look after PR, SEO and all promotions ensuring that they can see the opportunities across channels. Everyone in the company was very proactive in pitching the mobile app.

    Studying Marketing, HR Dissertation Topics for MBA

    They have contingency of managing if we suddenly have a surge in traffic. The story and messaging has to make sense and align with the brand - because people nowadays are much more savvy about marketing and can see right through blatant, selfish efforts to get as many eyes on the company name and message as possible. Burnett Burnett argued that the emotional trigger is crucial for anything to go viral. He also argues that the product or service being marketed has to be exceptionally good — sogood that people would not be afraid to put their name behind it while promoting it.

    MBA Dissertation Page 30 You need an emotional trigger for anything to go viral. Understand the socials sharing mechanics of what we are creating. Dargavel Dargavel made a similar point with respect to an emotional trigger. Burnett Burnett also emphasised the importance of making the product socialfriendly by using Viber — a mobile phone application — as an example: The guys at Viber have been really clever in the way they have designed the app. You can automatically access your phone book through Viber and the app looks through that to see who else is using Viber.

    It just becomes really easy for users to spread the word. Burnett Burnett further highlighted that making the products available for free andgenerating revenue by displaying advertisements further makes the customers buyingdecision really easy:MBA Dissertation Page 31 Do I want my choice of free music anytime of the day and night?

    Yes, of course I do. Dargavel Dargavel also agreed with the ease of availability and sharing: Making it very easy to share the content with friends i. It will never go viral Gilchrist Gilchrist believed in experimenting with different concepts for a brand andtesting them in the market to see what people might like and on which platform: Having chatted to a CEO of a media company, what he does is that he creates lots and lots of small case studies with the clients brand to see what works and on what platform, and if one particular thing works then he would pour lots of money into it to do it properly.

    We have done a number of different things in different markets. Within each of our managed markets we have identified places where we need to be to get our app reviewed. On the question of the importance of influencers in spreading the message about theproduct, all interviewees were unanimous in the importance of finding the rightinfluencers in making a viral marketing campaign a success. In a couple of our markets, we were a bit delayed compared to others in terms of doing that, but you can quite accurately see the point at which we exerted those efforts versus the downloads.

    There are a couple of tools that we started using that are particularly helpful for tracking relationships. Gilchrist Gilchrist also agreed with the idea that influencers can be found on variousnetworks or channels, and highlighted the importance of doing research to find out theright people in the particular sector where product is going to be launched. MBA Dissertation Page 33 There are lots and lots of different ways.

    For example, AllTop. Finding blogs that are opinionated but will also talk about your product is important. Burnett Burnett agreed with the idea of influencers and their importance, butoffered his specific insight into who the real influencers are i.

    200 Effective Dissertation Topics for a Variety of Subjects

    There are definitely people who influence things, but it still have to have genuine content on it. In the social web, the main currency is endorsement. There are people who you trust, so you endorse their things and then there is a reciprocal nature to it that people who trust you will endorse your things, but it has to be a two way exchange. So, if Stephen Fry retweets you, of course it is going to big because he is got millions of followers on Twitter, but the people who have got followers can pull a lot of right strings inMBA Dissertation Page 34 Of those people there are around max.

    Basically, you all work together, not in a financial sense at all, but there are favours you trade. Burnett Burnett also explained that submission of product to review websites orblogs works as well: These blogs will create content about your product. All the links from the blogs get shared on these networks and you also get secondary benefits of SEO from it.

    And people then talking about it gets converted into downloads.

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