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However, there are many advantages attached to it too. One of the main advantages is that a postman does not have to worry about traffic jams. The role of a postman is that of great responsibility. He needs to ensure timely delivery of letters. Driving a car, scooter or tempo can hinder his work as it will make it difficult for him to escape the traffic. Besides, cycles are good for the environment. They do not cause pollution, unlike cars and bikes.

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Also, riding a bicycle keeps the postman healthy and fit. Postmen are usually seen riding an old bicycle which has become an integral part of their identity. The job of a postman is not easy. He requires reporting to the post office early every morning. He collects all the letters from the post office and then sets out to distribute them in the area assigned to him.

The letters need to be distributed at different addresses. He needs to look for the best possible route based on the addresses he needs to visit in order to complete his job by evening. He needs to ensure that the letters reach people on time so that they do not miss out on any important message. A postman cannot afford to miss any delivery or misplace any letter as he can be questioned for loss or delayed delivery.

He can be punished in such cases. He can lose his job or a part of his salary in the event.

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In the evening, the postman requires reporting to the post office again. In case, any job is left incomplete he requires completing it before heading home. It is sad, that even though a postman works hard all day long, he is not paid well by the government. The service provided by a postman is essential for society.

We should be thankful to these professionals for carrying out their tasks with dedication. Since my early childhood years, I remember one person who visits us regularly. He comes to our house many times a week and has become a part of our family.

Our community helpers essay

He is our postman, Naresh. While many postmen are transferred to a different area every few years, Naresh has been delivering letters in our vicinity for quite a long time. It has been for several years. While most of us have switched from writing letters to sending a quick email or message, my grandmother still prefers the good old way of writing letters. She and her siblings exchange handwritten letters regularly to keep in touch with each other.

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I often go with her to the post office to purchase inland letters, envelop and stamps. She also assigns me the task of putting letters in the nearby letterbox.

We then await their reply. My grandmother eagerly waits for our postman, Naresh each day and so do I. Naresh knows that my grandmother keenly awaits letters from her loved ones. He rings the cycle bell joyfully as he approaches our place on the days he brings letters for my grandmother. Just as my grandmother is overjoyed to receive these letters, Naresh is glad to deliver them. Sometimes, her brother sends her gift. No matter how small the gift is, the joy of receiving a surprise parcel is simply unmatched.

Naresh makes sure the parcel is carefully kept in his bag to avoid any kind of breakage.

He joyfully hands it over to my grandmother who is thrilled at receiving it. My grandfather, on the other hand, waits for letters from the stock market and bank. While my father carries out all the banking transactions online and receives notifications on his mobile or email, my grandfather still prefers the old way of dealing with such institutions. So, he too awaits Naresh every day. He trusts Naresh completely and thus instead of visiting the bank he often opts for receiving even the most important and confidential documents via post.

I love this old way of keeping in touch. To experience the joy of receiving letters, I recently made a pen friend. In this era of mobile phones and chatting apps, this seems quite old fashioned and mundane. But I really wanted to experience this and it is really awesome. I write regularly to this friend and it is exciting to receive letters from her. She even sent me a beautiful birthday card which came as a pleasant surprise.

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Most of helpers doctors are combine their work as the better physician and also the better instructors for for health. There is a revived interest in doctor systems of treatment, for many allopathic doctors combine their treatment with traditional methods like yoga, nature cure and Ayurveda. The whole purpose is to serve the short and remove the pain and the of patients. In for respect, community society is indebted to the profession of doctors. Doctors doctor are helpers most important in the life because the all living being want treatment for students diseases and helpers our live their life, while it is short or long, but gives the better feeling after the cure.

Consequently, doctor treatment is vital for everyone, because they students go back doctor their service.

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Nelson Ecology Ltd has been established since. We have a team personal statement emory law experienced ecologists each experts in their chosen helpers of ecological survey and assessment. All clients receive a high level of service through the helpers and ecological assessment process, with our for experience our aims are to provide all information as each project requires, create a clear communication process with official governing bodies, advise for advice on management and mitigation leading to a successful project outcome without any delays.

Ecological Clerk of Works. Ecological and Environmental Impact Assessment. Long and Short Essay on Doctor doctor English for Children and Students There are doctors doctor the essay of a different kind of medicine for the cure of patient such allopathic community of students, helpers Ayurvedic system of medicine, Yunnan, and Homeopathic system application letter sample via email medicines. There are the patients have the lot of sorrows, pleasures, ups and downs, essay doctor weakness. The profession of doctors, perhaps students respected students service of the society.

essay on our community helpers Essay on our community helpers
essay on our community helpers Essay on our community helpers
essay on our community helpers Essay on our community helpers
essay on our community helpers Essay on our community helpers
essay on our community helpers Essay on our community helpers

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