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It must be concluded that democracy is the name of an attitude to own a system like in a country like we do for our houses. All Rights Reserved. By Books Arms and the Man Dr. Faustus Hamlet Heart of Darkness More Learn Essay Writing from Sample Essays. Write an essay on Democracy, do you think democracy is the best system of governance? Democracy is considered the best governing system in the world Democracy is a system of government which has variously been defind as 'administration of the state affairs'.

Add Comment. Remember my form inputs on this computer. Please enter at least one item. Please enter the email address. Please enter the link of the image. The question of whether democracy is the best form of government encompasses both Philosophy and Politics in its span of enquiry. Philosophy concerns itself with which form of government is theoretically justifiable, whereas the political approach considers whether democracy is viable in practice.

Although there is overlap between these approaches, either area of study seems to come to a different conclusion. Investigating whether democracy is the best form of government from a philosophical point of view reveals that democracy is theoretically superior to other forms of government because it is in line with human dignity. Overall, democracy is the best form of government, because it is morally the most justifiable, although democratic governments today can be improved.

In theory, democracy is a system that places power in the hands of the citizens in order to ensure governing that is in favour of the people. The citizenry is given the opportunity to choose who rules over them, and often each vote counts equally.

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This provides the people with both liberty and equality, which are highly regarded values. No other form of government offers both these values dictatorship benevolent or not removes individual liberty and oligarchic forms of government disregard equality , which is one reason why democracy is the best form of government. Representational democracy also places faith in humanity, as it assumes that we know what is best for us. Plato believed that the common people are not rational enough to be in charge of electing a government.

However, assuming that we do lack reason, how can our voting behaviour be detrimental to politics, if we believe that the elected government is acting in our own best interest?

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  7. Surely there is no divide between what we believe is in our own interest, and what is actually in our interest, and why would any government know our interest better than we do? That is why the public should bear the responsibility of electing a government, since we have the right to choose what the ruling body looks like, and deserve to make this decision for ourselves.

    Long and Short Essay on Democracy vs. Dictatorship in English

    Then there is the utilitarian argument for democracy: even if we are not capable of choosing the most beneficial government, we need to keep making these decisions in order to learn from our mistakes, so that society as a whole can progress. If we can keep analysing the mistakes in our voting behaviour, the government can keep improving, which will lead to governments that are increasingly successful especially since democratic governments are replaced every few years. The individual can progress too: the power that we have in electing a government encourages us to think critically about our actions.

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    • Write an essay on Democracy, do you think democracy is the best system of governance?;

    Critical reasoning is crucial to personal development, and overall the individual can become more intelligent and perhaps more fulfilled if given the right to vote. Various political parties stand for elections at the state as well as national level periodically. They propagate about the tasks accomplished in their previous tenure and also share their future plans with the people. Every citizen of India, above the age of 18 years, has the right to vote.

    The government is making continuous efforts to encourage more and more people to cast their vote. People must know everything about the candidates standing for the elections and vote for the most deserving one for good governance.

    Essay on Democracy: Top 11 Essays | Forms | Government | Law

    India is known to have a successful democratic system. However, there are certain loopholes that need to be worked on.

    Among other things, the government must work on eliminating poverty, illiteracy, communalism, gender discrimination and casteism in order to ensure democracy in true sense. Democracy is said to be the best form of government. It allows every citizen of the country to cast vote and choose their leaders irrespective of their caste, colour, creed, religion or gender.

    Many countries have a democratic system. However, India is the largest democracy in the world.

    Athens : The Best Form Of Politics

    It runs on five democratic principles including sovereign, socialist, secular, and democratic and republic. India was declared a democratic nation after it attained freedom from the colonial rule of the British in Not only the largest, Indian democracy is also known to be one of the most successful ones. India has a federal form of democracy with a government at the centre that is responsible to the parliament and state governments that are equally accountable for their legislative assemblies.

    Elections are held at regular intervals in the county and several parties compete to get to the centre and also to make their place in the states. People are encouraged to exercise their right to vote to elect the most deserving candidate, though caste is also a big factor in Indian politics. Campaigns are carried out by different political parties to emphasize on the work they have done for the development of people as well on their future agenda to benefit people.

    Democracy Essay for Students and Children

    Democracy in India does not only means providing the right to vote but also ensuring social and economic equality. While the democratic system of the country has received worldwide appreciation there are many areas that require improvement so that democracy can be formed in true sense. The government must work upon eradicating illiteracy, poverty, communalism, casteism and gender discrimination among other things. Democracy is government by the people, for the people and of the people.

    The citizens in a democratic nation enjoy the right to vote and elect their government. After being ruled by the Mughals, Mauryas, British and various other rulers for centuries, India finally became a democratic state after its independence in The people of the country, who had suffered at the hands of foreign powers, finally got the right to choose their own ministers by casting vote.

    Democracy in India is not limited to just providing the right to vote to its citizens, it is also working towards social and economic equality. Every Indian citizen, above 18 years of age, can exercise the right to vote in India.

    Democracy: The Best Form of Government

    Candidates evaluate their work during the last tenure of these parties or their representatives and also the promises made by them in order to decide whom to vote. Though democracy in India has been appreciated worldwide for its working there is still a lot of scope for improvement. The aforementioned steps must be taken to ensure smooth functioning of democracy in the country. A democratic nation is one where the citizens have the right to elect their government.

    Several countries around the world run democratic government but India takes pride in being the largest democracy. India had been ruled by several rulers from Mughals to Mauryas.

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    essay on democracy as a form of government Essay on democracy as a form of government

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