Classic thesis nomenclature

classic thesis nomenclature

History of the Roman Republic 3. Surveys Roman history from the archaic royal period to the Augustan age. Greek and Roman Religion 3. Description: An in-depth examination of religion among the Greeks and the Romans. Attention is given to cult sites, state religious calendars and ceremonies, religion in the daily lives of people, and the interplay of ancient Near Eastern and Egyptian religions with Greek and Roman religious beliefs and practices.

Reading and study of primary sources in translation. Roman Law 3. Greek Civilization 3. Major aspects of ancient Greek civilization: religion, fine arts, political life, pan-Mediterranean relations, the prominence of Athens; the role of modern archeology in interpretation; emphasis on the sixth and fifth centuries BCE. Roman Civilization 3. Emphasis on the late Republic and early Empire. Major aspects of ancient Roman civilization — political institutions, art and architecture, history, culture, and daily life.

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Intensive Survey of the Archaeology of the Prehistoric Aegean 3. Survey of archaeology and art of the Aegean from the earliest humans to the rise of the Greek polis in the 8th century BCE. Emphasis on anthropological and modern art-historical approaches. Foreign Study Off-Campus Study Independent Study Honors Thesis 3. Required thesis hours for all Classics honors concentrations. Greek Language Beginning Greek 4. Prereq: Intermediate Greek: Epic Poetry 3.

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Content varies. Greek Prose 3. History, philosophy, and oratory. Authors vary. Latin Language Beginning Latin 4. Is there a way to reduce them, or an instruction to tell tex to fit the table of contents in one page only? Thank you very much.

classic thesis nomenclature

Possibly a more satisfying alternative is to use the tocloft package and play with, for example, the space before each chapter entry. What if you decide to add two more chapters a few weeks later…? Is there any way to do this? Thanks for your comment. It seems the ams document classes are not compatible with tocloft. But what you can do is manually redefine how ToC entries are typeset. Here is a MWE to change the chapter indentation:. El Ahmar Yossr. Please consider the memoir class documentation for more details. Thank you for your reply. Can I do it it without using tocloft package??

Please help. Memoir provides a lot of flexibility by implementing commands that are provided by packages for the standard classes. Just give the code I posted a try…. But that will change the whole format of my thesis which I have compiled according to my university guidelines. Have been trying this for 15 days now. Kindly provide some solution.

I can attach my class file if you want. Thank you. For some reason I thought you were using the memoir class. How to do that? September at October at The problem now is that when I try to use the listoffigures or listoftables command to generate my list of figures and list of table respectively, it can not display the list of figures, probably, since the caption command is not used in the.

You are right, the figure number will only be generated when it is wrapped in a floating environment i. Could you provide a complete minimal working example. That would make it much easier for me to help.

The oxymoronic left-liberal nomenclature

Figure 1. BWM Car…………………….. Ferrari Car……………………7. My paper have a lot of figures in the same chapter. I want to increase the spacing between the Figure number and the Figure title. Do you know how I do that?

Nomenclature in Latex (Latex Tutorial, Episode-14)

The following line of code will add extra space between the number and the caption text through the tocloft package. Do I need a use package here or where lies exactly the problem?? Thus, the issue is with something else. Could you post a minimal working example here. Hi Tom, thanks for your post! I assume you are referring to the table of contents. By default, chaptered document classes use 2. For more details see the tocloft documentation. Pravin Prajapati. April at My TOC table and figure and table title is too long and it overlap with page numbers , Please guide me , what should I do?

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Which code I should Use?? Long captions should automatically be wrapped in the list of figures and tables. In my report, till the table of contents pages are numbered in roman and after that full report is numbered in arabic.

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Please give the code to solve this. Here a code stab that illustrates how you can have roman page numbers in the lists and later arabic page numbers. Also if it is of any help, the documentclass of article is used and the cover page, page, appendix are all roman numeral, but the main body of the report is arabic. I would like to include the TOC in the TOC page itself and also show the roman numerals page number as has been done for the above two sections which were added added.

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Jim Riker. Tom, This is a really useful blog, thanks for setting it up. Also, in the list of figures, the verbiage is bolded, and the report monitors want them unbolded. Can you help with these two issues? Thanks for your time! Never mind, I figured it out. The commands below will generate dot leaders for the LOF, the chapter leads, etc. I would like all chapter titles, numbered or not to be flush with the left margin. How can I remove this phantom distance between the left margin and non-numbered chapter titles, while leaving it for numbered chapters?

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classic thesis nomenclature Classic thesis nomenclature
classic thesis nomenclature Classic thesis nomenclature
classic thesis nomenclature Classic thesis nomenclature
classic thesis nomenclature Classic thesis nomenclature
classic thesis nomenclature Classic thesis nomenclature

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