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Estimated Date:. Estimated Price:. Order now. Online Custom Essay Writing Service. The subsequent are literatures gathered from books, journals, internet, and other studies on the subject of this problem. Likewise, this section will flash to present approaches of the research process. These are the follows:. Quality of Water. Water is vital for life. We may go for days or even weeks with no food, however death will happened following a few days with no water. It acts as a solvent medium for nutrients, toxins, and waste products, and works to transport nutrients to and from the cells via blood stream.

It is a solution part in knowing the quality of our lives. Nowadays, citizens are concerned with the quality of the water they drink. Water is important to the technicalities of the human body. Without it, the human body cannot work. In fact, all the cell and organ functions made up in our entire anatomy and physiology depend on water for their functioning. Water also helps in preventing some diseases Margaret, Physico-chemical Properties.

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EC measures the charge carrying ability of liquid in a measuring cell of specific dimensions. It is necessary to clearly define the units of both conductance and length when talking ECs. To say water sample is EC, is like saying a table is long, without specifying millimeters, centimeters or meters.

You will however see other units and need to be aware of the relationships between them. Because fish originate in ponds, rivers, streams, lakes, and oceans that have different pH levels, their needs are different. Saltwater fish prefer an alkaline pH of 8. Freshwater fish thrive in a range lower than that, somewhere between 5. Changes in the pH, especially sudden changes, can prove harmful or even fatal to fish. As the pH rises it increases the toxicity of chemicals such as ammonia. It is an important factor to monitor during the break-in of a new tank.

In a number of species of fish, breeding occurs only within a specific pH range Sharp, Dissolved oxygen analysis measures the amount of gaseous oxygen O2 dissolved in an aqueous solution.

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Dissolved oxygen is one of the most important parameters in aquatic systems. This gas is an absolute requirement for the metabolism of aerobic organisms and also influences inorganic chemical reactions. Therefore, knowledge of the solubility and dynamics of oxygen distribution is essential to interpreting both biological and chemical processes within water bodies. Oxygen gets into water by diffusion from the surrounding air, by aeration rapid movement and as a waste product of photosynthesis. The amount of dissolved oxygen gas is highly dependent on temperature.

Atmospheric pressure also has an effect on dissolved oxygen.

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  • The amount of oxygen or any gas that can dissolve in pure water saturation point is inversely proportional to the temperature of water. The warmer the water, the less dissolved oxygen www. Water with consistently high levels of dissolved oxygen is considered healthy and capable of supporting many different kinds of aquatic organisms. Dissolved Oxygen in water generally comes from one of two sources. Most Dissolved Oxygen comes from the atmosphere as waves and tumbling water mix atmospheric oxygen. Another source of Dissolved Oxygen comes from plants as they go through photosynthesis.

    Health Risks. According to DOH, River and lake water may contain microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses or parasites that can make a person sick if they enter the body. Since most swimmers are exposed to these organisms by swallowing the water, people are less likely to get sick if they wade or swim without putting their head under water or avoid swallowing river water DOH, June The Centers for Disease Control estimates that in the United States , people becomes ill each year from waterborne infections.

    Children of the River Summary

    Globally, it is estimated that waterborne diseases are responsible for over 2 million deaths each year, mostly among children under the age of 5. Examples of such disease are Typhoid fever and cholera, caused by bacteria that are shed only in human feces. About years ago, the journal of the America medical association reported that the Typhoid fever mortality rate in Chicago had declined from More than one billion people worldwide do not have access to clean freshwater.

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    More than two billion do not have adequate sanitation services and the annual death toll from water-borne diseases is estimated at more than five million Manila Bulletin, The cure for all ill just might have been here all along. Plain old water has proven such an effective solution to various health concerns The Philippine Star, A polluted body of water such as polluted lake or river presents a totally different picture.

    Water may be the vehicle for transfer of a broad variety of microbial diseases, including bacterial diseases such, cholera and shigellosis. Waterborne epidemics of these diseases, however, are rare due to continual surveillance.

    Many waterborne illnesses are due to less familiar bacteria such as species of Yersinia and Campylobacter, and toxins-producing strains of Escherichia Coli. An emerging pathogen associated with contaminated water is Vibrio vulnificus, a gram negative bacterium that can cause serious illness in persons with pre-existing liver disease or compromised immune systems.

    Viral diseases transmitted by water include hepatitis A, gastroenteritis due to Coxsackie or Norwalk virus, and in rare instances, polio. These diseases are generally related to fecal contamination of water. Many protozoa form cysts that survive for long periods in water. Human Activities. Pollution caused by household garbage, the diminishing margin of safety between septic tanks and deep wells and pipes for potable water cause contamination to groundwater and exposed everyone to water-borne diseases.

    Nearly everybody in the world lives in a river basin and everybody have contribution to make to prevent further damage to the environment. The threats facing river basins are varied and interlinked and require holistic policies rather than efforts that target just one aspect but can end up being counter productive. He said if government become concerned about climate change and reducing water run-off, they will possibly build more dams to store more water which may result in more waters being extracted from the rivers and will build up ecological problems French, Another thing is the disposal of solid and liquid wastes in to our rivers, lakes, canals, streams, marshes and swamps eventually contaminate ground water aquifers and coastal wastes Manila Bulletin, Citizen monitors are the first and sometimes the only line of defense for our water ways.

    In the Philippines, more and more people are dumping their garbage into the seas and rivers; thus, poisoning our marine life. Some species are over fished and are therefore forced to the brink of extinction. Today, man is the greatest threat to marine biodiversity. Until a few hundred years ago, humans had a relatively small effect on the environment that damaged, however, with the rapid increase in population, as well as the onset of the technological revolution Manila Bulletin, This is now a warning, that our surface waters are already highly contaminated and there is a high possibility that some of there waters may have already percolated and contaminated our waters Today, Human activities commonly affect the distribution, quantity, and chemical quality of water resources.

    The range in human activities that affect the interaction of ground water and surface water is broad Publishing Service Center, According to Erinn Soule, pollution in the ocean is a major problem that is affecting the ocean and the rest of the Earth, too. Pollution in the ocean directly affects ocean organisms and indirectly affects human health and resources. Oil spills, toxic wastes, and dumping of other harmful materials are all major sources of pollution in the ocean. People should learn more about these because if people know more about pollution in the ocean, then they will know more about how to stop pollution, www.

    Garbage dumping is the dumping of harmful materials into the ocean like human waste, ground-up garbage, water from bathing, and plastics. One main cause of garbage dumping occurs when sewage pipes share their space with storm water drains.

    Rainfall causes the sewage pipes to overflow and the sewage waste mixes with the storm water drain, which flows into another water source such as a lake or river. Whenever someone takes their boat onto the water for a ride, it is creating pollution that can be very harmful to the sea life. The engine gives off excess gasoline, which pollutes the waters and ends up killing the animals, library. She did not subscribe to the germ theory, however, asserting that dirt, sewer gases, and other environmental contagion produced illness Tomey, Nightingale consistently stressed health promotion and disease prevention.

    The foundations for good health were; housing, clean water and air, good nutrition and good child care. Nightingale described that putting individual in the best condition for nature to act upon them, emphasizing touch and kindness along with the healing properties of the physical environment.

    It was Nightingale that made the theory explaining the relationship of the health condition with the environment, stating that poor environment conditions are bad for health and good environmental condition reduces disease, Allender, She described that the people needing nursing care are those who lacks ability to self-care. Health Belief model by Becker and Rosenstack assumes that beliefs are important contributors to health-seeking behaviors. These include four beliefs that should combine to predict health-related behaviors. The beliefs mentioned were the perceived susceptibility of the disease or disability, perceived severity of the disease, perceived benefits of health-enhancing behaviors and perceived barriers to health enhancing behaviors, including financial costs.

    The nurse has a big role in helping the client interact with the environment in the growth and development stage. Being healthy is a lived, constantly changing experience. Under normal conditions the client functions effectively in the environment. When stress disrupts normal adaptation, however, behavior becomes erratic and less purposeful.

    children of the river essays Children of the river essays
    children of the river essays Children of the river essays
    children of the river essays Children of the river essays
    children of the river essays Children of the river essays
    children of the river essays Children of the river essays
    children of the river essays Children of the river essays
    children of the river essays Children of the river essays

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