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Stop signs should never be ignored, but when they are, serious car accidents are often the result. Each year, thousands of car accidents occur because one driver ran a stop sign. Many rollover accidents and side-impact car accidents result from drivers that run stop signs. You should always look both ways when proceeding through a stop sign. Youth is wasted on the young, but careful driving is never wasted on young drivers. More about how teenage drivers cause car accidents.

Driving in the daylight can be hazardous, but driving at night nearly doubles the risk of a car accident occurring.

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As the sun goes down, your awareness of the road and cars around you must go up. More on how night driving is a top cause of accidents. No product is ever made perfectly, and cars are no different.

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Automobiles have hundreds of parts, and any of those defective parts can cause a serious car accident. More on how design defects cause car accidents.

Essay about Causes of Car Accidents

There will always come a time where you need to get over to another lane i. To prevent a needless car accident, use your turn signal, check your blind spots and always proceed carefully into the next lane. More on how unsafe lane changes cause car accidents. Everyone has lapses in judgment, but when behind the wheel of a car, those clouded instincts can be deadly. You can turn down a street thinking it is a normal right turn, when in actuality, it is a one-way street in the opposite direction.

When you go the wrong way, everyone is in danger because as you head towards a car accident. More about wrong-way driving car accidents. The reason that we have stop lights, turn signals, and lanes designated for moving either right or left as opposed to straight is because when drivers ignore the rules of the road, car accidents are often the result.

To prevent a car accident, always look for signs and obey the proper right-of-way before you make a turn. More about car accidents caused by improper turns. Many drivers are impatient and reckless, driving so close to another car that they cannot react in time if the car in front of them brakes suddenly.

Many fatal car accidents have occurred when a motorist dangerously tailgated another driver at high speeds. You can prevent these car accidents by giving the car in front of you a one-car-length buffer for every 10 mph you drive. More on how tailgating is a top cause of accidents. Drugs, both legal and illegal, can impair your ability to fully function as a driver.

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  6. More about drugged driving car accidents. However, in cases where a car gets involved in an accident without the involvement of another car or external party, it is considered to be caused by careless driving or rather technical failures in the vehicle. This assignment will, therefore, comprise the illustrations of various causes of accidents as well as provide the general effects of these accidents. Another cause of the car accidents is road faults. Potholes and uneven pavements, which are constructed along the road, are the real cause of these accidents altogether.

    Drivers have to learn and master where the potholes are on the roads in order to avoid possibilities of any form of accidents. However, strategies of mastering faulty roads are not in any way effective modes of controlling accidents since there are possibilities of new drivers in the area. Roads should, therefore, have signs, which will help the drivers to comprehend the different terrains ahead Coller, In this case, the effects of the accident range from serious injuries to death of both the driver as well as the passengers on board.

    The accidents claiming lives of people affect the functioning of the organizations the victims worked for. Liked the article? You can buy an essay online on this or any topic from our company. The other cause of car accidents is the bad weather conditions. The bad conditions can be caused by either rain or snow. Home About. Share this: Twitter Facebook.

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    Different causes of the car accidents

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