Cause and effect essay on world war one

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Causes Effects And Aftermath Of World War 1 History Essay

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Continue Reading. ThoughtCo uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. By using ThoughtCo, you accept our. This was in protest to Austria-Hungary having control of this region. Serbia wanted to take over Bosnia and Herzegovina. This assassination led to Austria-Hungary declaring war on Serbia.

When Russia began to mobilize due to its alliance with Serbia, Germany declared war on Russia. Thus began the expansion of the war to include all those involved in the mutual defense alliances. It was regarded as the First World War because almost all countries of the world participated some directly others indirectly and even because the effects of the war were faced worldwide like economic depression of that was characterized by unemployment, low income, low aggregate demand, low investment and economic activities.

As briefly explained how the two world wars occurred, it left a number of consequences be it on All countries that directly participated but also a number of consequences observe on the African continent economically, socially and politically as explained below;. Firstly, Africa experience the consequence through the exclusion of Germany from trade and since Germany was regarded as the large partner of tropical Africa on the commercial aspect before the first world war, it was completely excluded from the continent and the goods that belonged to the Germans and merchandise got confiscated by the winners and this broke the link of German to African merchandise thus a decline in exports to foreign countries.

Secondly, World War I had a general negative influence on the trade and development of Africa.

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Considering the fact that the price of all commodities went up in Africa following the war, the economy stalled, and the poverty rate became worse than ever. Thirdly, the war needed enough food to feed the armies on war, therefore African populations were supposed to search for the food to stand the armies on the battle field , thus living African populations with shortage of food that decreased level of living and death due to food insecurity in African societies due to the War. Fourthly, is that not since the American War of Independence, when 14, slaves and freemen fought as black loyalists alongside the British had such a huge number of people of African descent been involved in fighting for Europeans and very few were combatants.

They were recruited to carry heavy weapons and supplies which affected their body and badly paid and given food which was either of poor quality or entirely foreign to them. While travelling through new territories for them, they often fell sick and were affected by different types of malaria thus causing death to many numbers of African people.

The war needed to raise troops and carriers on the one hand, to produce crops of export on the other hand, caused the shortage of manpower in several parts of the African continent.

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For example, the recruitment of the carriers from Katanga for the campaign of Eastern Africa led to decrease in domestic incomes that were incurred by the Men and women who used to work for themselves and they were taken to war to play a role of carriers and food suppliers. First, on the social point of view the world war gave rise to a crucial change in the relationship between Europe and Africa. Over two million people in Africa made huge sacrifices for the European Allies. Second, through the combats experience and social cohesion with the Europeans the African peasants soldiers discovered the concrete realities of the European society and gave confidence to Africans to play a role in their administration of colonies In the territories, which had contributed heavy shares to the effort of war in men and material, the population hoped for social and political reforms by themselves and an a live example was in Senegal, for example, the reforms promised by France to Blaise Diagne were not applied after the war which led its partisans to withdrew their confidence in him.

Third, the First World War marks a clear evolution of the international opinion with regard to colonialism. Before the war, the colonial powers did not have to report to anybody. Afterwards, in , the conference of Versailles examined the colonial past of Germany and considered it not quite in conformity with the new rules of morality, which were to govern the administration of the colonial people.

It is one of the reasons, which made it that they withdrew the colonies from it. K J Kiiza B.

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cause and effect essay on world war one Cause and effect essay on world war one
cause and effect essay on world war one Cause and effect essay on world war one
cause and effect essay on world war one Cause and effect essay on world war one
cause and effect essay on world war one Cause and effect essay on world war one
cause and effect essay on world war one Cause and effect essay on world war one
cause and effect essay on world war one Cause and effect essay on world war one
cause and effect essay on world war one Cause and effect essay on world war one
cause and effect essay on world war one Cause and effect essay on world war one

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