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After Deighton received the money from the bank, he did not spend it all on himself.

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Instead, he tied to make his daughters happy from his misfortune. When his son was still alive, Deighton made his son so happy with his car that his heart acted up and ultimately killed him. I agree with Jennifer that Deighton jumping overboard extirpated all his transnationalist characteristics. He has always mention about moving back Barbadoes and building a house there, but his actions says otherwise. He had already begun acting like a white American. He bought silk undershirts and wanted a white occupation. In a way America did not want him, which led to his deportation, and he did not want his native country, which led him to commit suicide.

One of the main reasons that this happened was because of the great power that many white men had, not only in their own right, but also within the government and banks. From previous generations, many white men in New York were wealthy due to their affluence from their parents. Because they did not have to face the hardship and struggle that many minorities faced, they eased on through life with power that came from their money.

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On the other hand, blacks, especially black women, faced difficult hardships such as trying to find significant jobs and competing against new and upcoming minority groups. Through this power, they were able to make their way up the rankings into government offices and banks. By doing so, they actually held the power through law making and money distribution, which actually played a pivotal role in the shaping of Brooklyn demographically speaking.

The fact that many of these men had roles in government occupations served as the first sign of power; this ultimately affected the black demographic.

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Their racist mindset against this group of people was directly seen by the rules placed against them. For example, laws regarding school to be segregated Limiting blacks education fully showed how power in politics can affect society. Furthermore, the power of these white men trickled down into the bank. With their racist mindset, they were able to deny blacks and other minorities proper loans, which held them back from moving from a neighborhood like Bed-Stuy, to a more suitable area such as Bay Ridge.

As you can see, Wilder describes how the power of money affects race, space, and place. Wibecan wrote in an essay on Brooklyn associations for the National Negro Exposition. While reading, I learned of the severity of racial segregation that took place in Brooklyn, which I thought was mainly in the South.

Wilder specifically speaks of race and social power and how power influences race, space and place. Power, in my opinion, is a broad term that can be used in many contexts to mean slightly different things. They were excluded.

Additionally, even by , there were much fewer black laborers in unions than white laborers. Although some might say that it is because they were unskilled that they were not unionized, it is actually because they were not unionized that they could not learn valuable skills Another thing that I found interesting is that because Brooklyn is so big, it allowed black people to form their own leisurely clubs and activities even though they were segregated from those of white people.

While some organizations began to help gain equality, their success became minute due to the populate increase in African Americans. Deighton obsesses over his land, while Silla wants to own her own brownstone. To Deighton the land back home is a part of him and basically his physical connection to his homeland in Barbados.

This is essentially the transnational connection that he has to his homeland. On the other hand, Silla, in sight of her own dream, has a very different approach. Her case is characteristic of the quest for the American Dream. She seeks the American Dream and owning the brownstone house, as opposed to leasing it, is the symbol of her attaining this dream. However, he had to become wealthy first, and did so in very unlawful ways such as gambling, and betting on fixing games.

The one thing that each character did not do was work for their dream. Silla betrayed her husband and sold his inherited land in the Barbados just to own the brownstone that she equated so much with success and her American Dream. Her plan backfired as Deighton, in an angry rage, spent the money from the land on unnecessary luxuries. This just goes to show the necessity of hard work for success. Success does not come as easy as inheritance. The family had a blessing when they inherited the land back in the Barbados, however, the author shows us that this did not lead to their immediate success.

It could be used as a starting lift, but it will not lift them through the entire journey of hard work and dedication ahead of them.

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The plethora of statistics and accounts from influential members of the Brooklyn community creates a very forceful argument. The book conveys the relationship between power and race in Brooklyn, and how it affects the social dynamic of the area. Throughout the late nineteenth and twentieth centuries, African Americans have never been able to achieve political or social control in Brooklyn.

White Americans including immigrants such Irish, Italians, and Jews, controlled the nation through labor force and politics throughout the nation. In addition, the book offers countless statistics encompassing the labor struggles of African Americans. For example, there were only 94 black owned businesses in Brooklyn in and about two percent of blacks were part of apprentice trades by It serves as a lubricant for oppression and segregation for African Americans.

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  5. As we very often talked about in my US History class, equality is not present in this country and it is ignorant to believe so. The racial injustices of the past have economically and socially shaped the demographic. For example, living in Long Island, there are both predominantly white and African American neighborhoods.

    I have always found it ignorant to compare my school or myself with a school such as Baldwin predominantly African American because of the difference in financial resources. Wilder focuses on the relationship between race and power.

    Brown Girl, Brownstones Themes

    Many of us just looked at it as the safe haven for blacks that could get out of the South. However, there was also much racism in the North. In a quote in the beginning of Chapter 9 Henry K. This is unfortunately a common belief held by many people even until today, that blacks are criminals and dangerous. It is sad to see that racial barriers inhibit certain groups of people from being able to assimilate into society and looked at in a bad way just because of the color of their skin.

    Unfortunately, this has a negative effect on the children as well, both white and black. White children see in the media and pop culture that blacks are poor and criminals and blacks see the same things about themselves, and grow up to fulfill these prophecies because they have been born into them. This is a difficult pattern to stop and I wonder if it ever will. Race has the tendency of dictating power and position in society. The black community has been the unfortunate victim over the years. Because of their color, many blacks have been relegated to jobs with meager wages and a lack of political representation over the years.

    The color of their skin has dictated the conditions of their surroundings, and the resulting exploitation they endured largely in part to racist tensions, which is visible in the Bedford-Stuyvesant riots that broke out due to racial and social division. But progress has been made. Though Wilder considers this a cowardly tactic, he also says that it was effective in relaying its message. Greater pushes have been made to raise the bar in terms of equality.

    Affirmative action initiatives for equal opportunities for blacks and minorities have paved the roads for these demographics to have greater success in enrolling in top universities and schools.

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    Medical institutions make similar initiatives to increase the racial diversity in their programs by targeting minority groups from disadvantaged backgrounds. While the former work goes into extreme detail about the fact that it had proven extremely difficult for a black American to survive as a result of discrimination, outside of references to the fact that many Barbadian women are required to hope for work as a maid by waiting on the street, the latter novel spends relatively little time discussing this struggle.

    Finally, to a great extent the apparent lawlessness and volatility presented by Wilder is not represented by Marshall to any significant extent. On the other hand, the racial discrimination and compartmentalization of Bedford-Stuyvesant seems to have a strong presence in both the works of Wilder and Marshall. While Wilder mentions ad nauseum the many ways in which everyone from politicians to financial institutions treated blacks as a blight that detracted from the society that they inhabited, Marshall shows how separated the black community is from the rest of Brooklyn, forming their own society in Bedford-Stuyvesant; the schools only have black students, the salons only have black customers and every aspect of community life is nearly exclusively black in composition.

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