British library doctoral thesis agreement form

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It is very important in terms of any future requests the University receives to verify the award of your degree that all records match. You must use this registered name on both your hard bound thesis and your eThesis. The name which appears in the Library and WREO records must be that which was published by the University on the pass list. If you upload your thesis in another format e.

The single PDF file should include all appendices. On opening the digital file the first page accessed by the user should be the title page of the thesis.

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Please see the Guide to the thesis examination process for further advice about the layout and format of your thesis and the information required on the title page. The PDF ethesis should be given a standard filename which follows the format of the hard-copy thesis: Surname and initials, school, degree, year of submission. For this reason it is important that you follow the filename format given here and do not include other information in the filename for example your 9 digit student ID number. If there are no confidentiality, commercial or publication constraints the full text of your thesis can normally be made immediately available in WREO with no embargo or restriction.

Do I need to upload an eThesis?

However in some cases immediate access to a thesis may not be possible and it may be necessary to restrict access to the full text of your thesis by applying a temporary embargo on the thesis. Examples of when a temporary embargo might be considered include:.

Access to the full text of the thesis can normally be restricted for one, two, three, or five years. The same embargo period will be applied to both the eThesis and the hard bound copy of your thesis. Decisions on whether an embargo is required and how long is appropriate should be taken in consultation between the PGR and their supervisor s.

Therefore, before you upload your eThesis you must discuss the retention of thesis arrangements with your supervisor s so you know whether to ask the University to embargo your thesis from immediate publication. Please consult the Library website for further advice on copyright relating to publishing material from your thesis.

As part of the eThesis upload process you will be asked to specify the retention of thesis arrangements for the library and indicate any embargo that has been agreed with your supervisor. If an embargo is placed on the thesis, certain data will still be visible in the University Library catalogue and in WREO, including your name, thesis title and the abstract of your thesis.

However the full text of your thesis will not be accessible until after the expiry of the embargo period. After the embargo period both the hard-bound copy and the eThesis will automatically be released and will be available for access. If you submitted a redacted eThesis, after the end of any embargo period placed only the redacted eThesis will be made available for access. An extension to the embargo period, or lifting an embargo in advance of the set date, may normally only be done with the agreement of the supervisor s.

However, it is recognised that in some cases it may not be possible to gain permission, either because permission is declined, no response is received or because it would be too expensive. This means that you won't be able to make the full text of your eThesis available online. If you've not been able to obtain the permission of the copyright holder, you must prepare two versions of your eThesis:.

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  2. Staff + students.
  3. Open Access for Theses: how to deposit.

In all cases one complete eThesis file MUST be supplied and held by the University but will not be made available online. Further advice about use of copyright material and when you may need to seek permission from the copyright holder is given on the Copyright pages of the Library. The University recommends that you make your thesis available using a Creative Commons licence. This protects you as the author of the work and clarifies and limits the uses that others may make of your work without them needing to ask you for permission.

You can find further information about each on the Library copyright pages. We welcome feedback and thoughts - from individuals, education professionals, the international business community and official organisations. Search x. For Students Search. Benefits of the eThesis your thesis is more likely to be widely read theses are immediately available and readily searchable the worldwide visibility of UK higher education research is increased underused primary research is made available the profile of the researcher, institution and individual schools may be raised.

Do I need to upload an eThesis? If you commenced a doctoral research degree in or after September you are required to submit your successful thesis in both hard bound and electronic eThesis form. It takes the institution several days to retrieve and check the thesis before sending it to us by normal post — and longer if they need to contact the thesis author for any reason.

Please allow at least 30 working days to pass before chasing your order. You need to allow even more time if you have ordered a printed or CD copy of the thesis. When the thesis is digitised, it is added to EThOS. This triggers an email to you to tell you it is ready for download. Just follow the link in the email, login to EThOS and download your thesis. Doing it this way ensures all copyright conditions are met.

Unfortunately you cannot pay the digitisation fee for your users from your EThOS deposit account.

Doctoral dissertation help agreement form

If you would like to pay on behalf of your users, please login and order the thesis under your own name. When the thesis has been digitised and is available for download, you will be notified by email as usual. Unless you want a copy for your own purposes, do not download the thesis. Instead inform your user that the thesis is available on EThOS and ask them to download a copy for themselves.

By following this procedure, you pay for digitisation of the thesis and your user agrees to the terms and conditions of supply of the thesis, so all legal requirements are met. In order to ensure author rights are protected, all users downloading theses from EThOS must agree to the terms and conditions displayed. If you download a thesis and supply it to someone else, you break the terms and conditions of supply you agreed to.

A new electronic service for UK theses: access transformed by EThOS

There is no limit on the number of individual readers who can use the online copy. The terms of supply also apply to printed copies. If, in spite of easy online availability, you particularly want to add a printed copy to your library stock, you would need to seek the permission of the copyright holder. No, not without the express permission of the author or awarding institution.

Yes, the metadata is available for harvesting and re-use for not for profit purposes. What about PhD by publication or creative writing PhDs? What can I do? I am a researcher and my own thesis is listed in EThOS. How can I get the DOI that is assigned to my thesis added to your record?

Henry N. Cobb, Peter Eisenman, and Rafael Moneo, “How Will Architecture Be Conceived?”

I have to be logged in to order a copy for digitisation or download from EThOS. Can I use my main British Library account details? For records without full text, can a researcher be certain of getting hold of the full thesis somehow? Seeing an abstract before deciding whether to order it for digitisation is really helpful. Are the documents held in universities online repositories all free to access?

What if the PhD student plans to publish a book after completing their doctoral research? Are the theses citable using referencing software such as EndNote? Can I use extracts for teaching purposes? I teach English and use theses as a resource for current doctoral students to help develop them in writing their own theses.

Why do I have to pay for some theses to be digitised but for others the cost is covered by the university? Can I see a list of the universities that have a fund to cover the scanning costs of their own theses? What happens if I pay the fee but then the thesis cannot be digitised e. If someone else has already requested that a thesis be digitised, but it is still going through the process, will this be indicated in the EThOS record?

british library doctoral thesis agreement form British library doctoral thesis agreement form
british library doctoral thesis agreement form British library doctoral thesis agreement form
british library doctoral thesis agreement form British library doctoral thesis agreement form
british library doctoral thesis agreement form British library doctoral thesis agreement form
british library doctoral thesis agreement form British library doctoral thesis agreement form

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